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Rose Wand.png

Wands are a type of ranged Weapon. They typically have a long range and a high speed, but they are low in attack power. Wands use Mana.png ManaManaAmmunition for wands.Mana.png as ammunition.

List of Wands[edit | edit source]

Epic Wand.png Epic WandEpic WandAn enchanted wand given only to master magicians. It deals magical damage, which is better against supernatural enemies. Weapon Type: WandEpic Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,523,54,5
Frost Wand.png Frost WandFrost WandFor the frozen wizard.Frost Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2254
Legendary Wand.png Legendary WandLegendary WandA fabled weapon, lost for generations. Weapon Type: WandLegendary Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,523,54,5
Rose Wand.png Rose WandRose WandEvery rose has its thorns.Rose Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange0,514,53,5
School's Wand.png School's WandSchool's WandFor all the wizards who are still enrolled in their studies.School's Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1033
Sinister Wand.png Sinister WandSinister WandAn esoteric weapon that radiates a dark power. Weapon Type: WandSinister Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,523,54,5
Skull Wand.png Skull WandSkull WandA dark sorcerer must have.Skull Wand.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange0,514,53,5
Trident (Wand).png Trident (Wand)Trident (Wand)Holds the power of the SeaTrident (Wand).pngAttackMagicSpeedRange103,53
Wizard's Staff.png Wizard's StaffWizard's StaffHow is that orb floating, anyway? Weapon Type: WandWizard's Staff.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange0,514,53,5

Medals[edit | edit source]

Defeating Monsters with Wands allows the player to gain the following Medals: