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Version 2.6.8 was released on May 05th, 2020.[1]

Please note that these updates notes might contain errors and mix-ups with earlier patches, do not trust everything written here to be 100% correct.

Full version 2.6.8 patch notes

  • Beta support for GamePad!
  • Emotes on special pickup reintroduced!
  • Travel & Group update/fix
  • Missing icon in notification fix
  • Connection fixes
  • Small updates around the camera

GamePad support (beta)

Did you ever wonder how it would be to play MilMo using a controller? Support for using a controller has been developed and is included in this update! Here are some details:

Key Action
Left stick Move around
Right stick Move camera
2/A/Cross Jump
1/X/Square Attack
4/Y/Triangle Use/Talk
3/B/Circle Toggle GUI pointer
Left shoulder (5/L1) & Right shoulder (6/R1) Swap weapon

Known limits in GUI-controller-mode for now:

  • It's not possible to use toggle-boxes and scroll
  • It's not possible to reach the "Esc-Menu"

Tested with:

  • Logitech Rumblepad 2

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