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Sage Oak Sword.png

Swords are a type of melee Weapon. They typically have short range and high speed.

List of Swords[edit | edit source]

Adventurer's Sword.png Adventurer's SwordAdventurer's SwordCold. Hard. Steel. WeaponType: SwordAdventurer's Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1042
Angelic Blade.png Angelic BladeAngelic BladeA mythical blade from above. Weapon Type: SwordAngelic Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2342
Celestial Blade.png Celestial BladeCelestial BladeA mysterious blade from the heavens. Weapon Type: SwordCelestial Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2242
Diablo Trident.png Diablo TridentDiablo TridentFrom the pits of hell.Diablo Trident.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange3342
Doom Blade.png Doom BladeDoom BladeDoom your enemies! Weapon Type: SwordDoom Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange3341
Epic Sword.png Epic SwordEpic SwordA superb blade given only to the top blademasters. It deals magical damage, which is better against supernatural enemies. Weapon Type: SwordEpic Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4442
Fencing Sword.png Fencing SwordFencing SwordDuel anyone, anywhere. Weapon Type: SwordFencing Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1051
Fishing Knife.png Fishing KnifeFishing KnifeHandy to have around. Deals 50% additional damage. Weapon Type: SwordFishing Knife.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1051
Frost Blade.png Frost BladeFrost BladeFor the cool warrior. Weapon Type: SwordFrost Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,541,5
Gladiator Sword.png Gladiator SwordGladiator SwordIt's seriously heavy! Weapon Type: SwordGladiator Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,503,51,5
Heroic Sword.png Heroic SwordHeroic SwordA sharp steel sword, fit for a hero. Weapon Type: SwordHeroic Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,502,51,5
Jeweled Sword.png Jeweled SwordJeweled SwordA super sharp jeweled sword of high quality. Weapon Type: SwordJeweled Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2031
Legendary Sword.png Legendary SwordLegendary SwordA fabled weapon, lost for generations. Weapon Type: SwordLegendary Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange3,5441,5
Lockbox Keysword.png Lockbox KeyswordLockbox KeyswordIt's not very sharp for a sword, but what to expect from a gigantic key? Your reward for opening 250 lockboxes. Weapon Type: SwordLockbox Keysword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2,513,51,5
Machete.png MacheteMacheteEssential for trekking through the jungle. Deals 50% extra damage. Weapon Type: SwordMachete.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,503,51,5
Magma Blade.png Magma BladeMagma BladeIt's very warm. Don't burn yourself. Weapon Type: SwordMagma Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,53,51,5
Ornate Cleaver.png Ornate CleaverOrnate CleaverA classy warrior's armament. Weapon Type: SwordOrnate Cleaver.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange202,51,5
Pencil.png PencilPencilA sharp pencil, just the right size to serve as a weapon. Weapon Type: SwordPencil.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,5041
Pirate Cutlass.png Pirate CutlassPirate CutlassAvast, landlubber! Weapon Type: SwordPirate Cutlass.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,503,51
Rusty Sword.png Rusty SwordRusty SwordIt's been neglected, but the edge is still pretty sharp. Weapon Type: SwordRusty Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange103,51,5
Safir Sword.png Safir SwordSafir SwordA mythical sword only used by skilled royal knights.Safir Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,541,5
Sage Oak Sword.png Sage Oak SwordSage Oak SwordA sword made from the hard wood of the sage oak. Weapon Type: SwordSage Oak Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange0,5041
Samurai Sword.png Samurai SwordSamurai SwordAn Oriental sword of high quality. Weapon Type: SwordSamurai Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,5041,5
Screw Sword.png Screw SwordScrew SwordThis is not a drill! Or maybe it is? Weapon Type: SwordScrew Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange103,51,5
Sinister Blade.png Sinister BladeSinister BladeAn esoteric weapon that radiates a dark power. Weapon Type: SwordSinister Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange3,5441,5
Storm Blade.png Storm BladeStorm BladeAttack in a flash! Weapon Type: SwordStorm Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,53,51
Tech Sword.png Tech SwordTech SwordMaybe it's from the future? Weapon Type: SwordTech Sword.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,5041,5
Tidal Blade.png Tidal BladeTidal BladeThe power of the sea and possibly a portable shower. Weapon Type: SwordTidal Blade.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2,52,541,5
Trident.png TridentTridentHolds the power of the SeaTrident.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,51,541

Medals[edit | edit source]

Defeating Monsters with Swords allows the player to gain the following Medals: