Summer Tide Saga

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Summer Tide Saga
Summer Tide Saga

"A spacecraft recently fell between the Summer Tide Islands, releasing alien probes."
Summer Tide Saga.png Summer Tide Saga
Summer Tide Saga.png
Name Summer Tide Saga
Quests 309
Bosses Miniature Mad Weed.pngMiniature Giga-Knight.pngMiniature The No-Brainer.pngMiniature Possessed Survivor.pngMiniature Dread Smasher.pngMiniature Dread Summoner.png
Monsters Miniature Beach Crab.pngMiniature Deep Crab.pngMiniature Mud Crab.pngMiniature Mutated Crab.pngMiniature Overseer Crab.pngMiniature Sand Crab.pngMiniature Hungry Wolf.pngMiniature Hunting Dino.pngMiniature Hyena.pngMiniature Prowling Wolf.pngMiniature Vile Bird.pngMiniature Piranha.pngMiniature Goat.pngMiniature Hedgehog.pngMiniature Blue Snail.pngMiniature Red Snail.pngMiniature Big Green Onion.pngMiniature Mad Rhubarb.pngMiniature Malicious Weed.pngMiniature Maple Trunk.pngMiniature Sage Oak Trunk.pngMiniature Sordid Onion.pngMiniature Spiteful Weed.pngMiniature Trunk.pngMiniature Vicious Weed.pngMiniature Alien Bug.pngMiniature Eerie Skull.pngMiniature Red Fiend.pngMiniature Rock Monster.pngMiniature Stone Fiend.pngMiniature Invader.pngMiniature Imagination Devourer.pngMiniature Wurmling.png
Monsters (Events) Miniature Albino Bat.pngMiniature Deep Crab (Sea Festival).pngMiniature Monstrous Book.pngMiniature Snow Fiend.pngMiniature Songbird.pngMiniature Wicked Crab.pngMiniature Winter Goat.pngMiniature Yellow Bird.png
Creatures Bee.pngButterflies.pngDark Blue Scarab.pngGreen Scarab.pngPink Scarab.pngLight Blue Scarab.pngRed Ladybug.pngYellow Ladybug.pngWhite Bunny.pngDesert Viper.pngSidewinder.png
Creatures (Events) Pink Bunny.pngBaby Bat.pngScary Bug.png

Story[edit | edit source]

The Summer Tide Saga was the first adventure added in MilMo. Is an archipelago of idyllic summer islands.

A spaceship crashed between the islands of the archipelago releasing alien probes and strange monsters.

Help the residents to solve the mysteries behind the events and unravel the mysteries of the sinister dark creatures.

Travel the seas to discover the sinister force behind the disaster and restore peace.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Summer Tide Saga Map.jpg

Gallery[edit | edit source]