Spring Fling

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Spring Fling is a Seasonal Event in MilMo, which takes place during the Easter period (usually in March or April). Like with most other Events in MilMo, the quest line starts in Seastar Resort, with Fletcher being the NPC present.

Spring Fling.png

The event is focused on catching bunnies, defeating birds, and collecting various eggs from around the MilMoverse.

Event has ended. See you next time!

Event Content[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Eggs[edit | edit source]

Lotus Egg.png Lotus Egg Sky Egg.png Sky Egg Gift Egg.png Gift Egg Lively Egg.png Lively Egg Nautical Egg.png Nautical Egg Turquoise Egg.png Turquoise Egg
Blossom Egg.png Blossom Egg Polka Dot Egg.png Polka Dot Egg Eco Egg.png Eco Egg Crystal Egg.png Crystal Egg Sylvan Egg.png Sylvan Egg Circus Egg.png Circus Egg
Contrary Egg.png Contrary Egg Idyllic Egg.png Idyllic Egg Winsome Egg.png Winsome Egg Friend Egg.png Friend Egg Lunar Egg.png Lunar Egg Laguna Egg.png Laguna Egg
Lovely Egg.png Lovely Egg Eternal Egg.png Eternal Egg Halcyon Egg.png Halcyon Egg Rustic Egg.png Rustic Egg Peace Egg.png Peace Egg
Summer Egg.png Summer Egg Sunset Egg.png Sunset Egg Golden Egg.png Golden Egg Spring Egg.png Spring Egg New Egg.png New Egg

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