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DialogWarning.png This article refers to content that cannot be found currently in MilMo

Although the topic in this article is in the game, it can no longer be obtained for reasons that may or may not be known.



Pencil (Image).png

Type Weapons
Subtype Swords
Description A sharp pencil, just the right size to serve as a weapon. Weapon Type: Sword
Attack 1,5
Magic 0
Speed 4
Range 1

Pencil is a Weapon of type Swords which is mainly used to cause damage to Monsters.


Pencil can be obtained in the following ways:

Obtained from:

 • Was received as a reward from the Claustrophobic medal but was replaced and was sold by Purple for a short time, then was removed and can no longer be obtained.

Related Medals

Using Swords in combat can unlock the following Medals: