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Here you can check Breaking MilMo News, update notes, Events and tidings from all over the MilMoverse!

Latest Official News[edit | edit source]

Latest Update Notes[edit | edit source]

Version 2.6.0[edit | edit source]

Version 2.5.5[edit | edit source]

Update 2.5.4[edit | edit source]

  • Medal icon update

Update 2.5.3[edit | edit source]

Update 2.5.2[edit | edit source]

Update 2.5.1[edit | edit source]

- Shader/graphics update

Update 2.5.0 - 01/31/2019[edit | edit source]


  • Resolution settings at launcher (saved for every machine)
  • Launch game in Fullscreen
  • Options menu updated in game
  • Hotkey 'Esc' to open menu
  • Exit button added
  • Keymap can be displayed
  • New players can choose between controller modes MMORPG and classic platformer at start
  • Navigator is in full resolution
  • Makeover studio in full resolution
  • Active quest will remain active upon restart
  • Selected weapon will appear in the center while swapping
  • Underwater FX will not follow when going to town
  • Some minor refactoring around the shaders and other details