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This is the list of all Medals that are earned by using Clubs to defeat Monsters.

Medal Description Rewards
Stick in the Mud.png Stick in the MudStick in the MudWin 150 battles with a club.Stick in the Mud.png Win 150 battles with a club. 100 Gems.png Gem,50 Experience Points
Stickler.png SticklerSticklerWin 300 battles with a club.Stickler.png Win 300 battles with a club. Coffee Cup.png Coffee CupCoffee CupComes with steaming hot coffee!Coffee Cup.png,100 Experience Points
Soft Walker.png Soft WalkerSoft WalkerWin 600 battles with a club.Soft Walker.png Win 600 battles with a club. 1000 Gems.png Gem,200 Experience Points
The Measuring Stick.png The Measuring StickThe Measuring StickWin 1,800 battles with a club.The Measuring Stick.png Win 1,800 battles with a club. 5000 Gems.png Gem,300 Experience Points
Fantastick.png FantastickFantastickWin 5,000 battles with a club.Fantastick.png Win 5,000 battles with a club. 10000 Gems.png Gem,750 Experience Points
The Sticky.png The StickyThe StickyWin 10,000 battles with a club.The Sticky.png Win 10,000 battles with a club. 25000 Gems.png Gem,1500 Experience Points
Stick-to-it-ive.png Stick-to-it-iveStick-to-it-iveWin 25,000 battles with a club.Stick-to-it-ive.png Win 25,000 battles with a club. 50000 Gems.png Gem,5000 Experience Points
Stick-Wielding Legend.png Stick-Wielding LegendStick-Wielding LegendWin 50,000 battles with a club.Stick-Wielding Legend.png Win 50,000 battles with a club. Epic Hammer.png Epic HammerEpic HammerAn enchanted hammer awarded only to those most skilled in the art of club-fighting. It deals magical damage, which is better against supernatural enemies. Weapon Type: ClubEpic Hammer.png,10000 Experience Points