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Description: A shiny gem! Good for trading.
Type: Items
Subtype: Currency
Subtype 2:
Selling Price: Gems.png Gem

Gem are one of the Currencies in MilMo.


Gem can be obtained in the following ways:
Defeating Monsters: All Monsters when defeated will drop gems.

  • Completing Quests: Almost all Quests give gems as reward.
  • Medals: When you conquer Medals many times your rewards are gems.
  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes are a good way to get gems.
  • Breaking Containers: When breaking barrels, jars, boxes they will drop gems.


Gem has the following uses:

Gems is mainly used to travel to the other Areas, as material on Converters, buy Weapons, Ammo and Potions in the in-game Shops. There are two types of gems, Small and Large, the small ones have several colors and worth 1 gem, the large ones can be found in fixed places in certain areas or drop from monsters and worth 50 gems.

Related Medals

Collect Gem unlocks the following Medals: