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Description: A shiny gem! Good for trading.
Type: Currency
Subtype: Currency
Subtype 2: Currency
Selling Price: {{{sellingPrice}}} Gems.png Gem

Gems are one of the Currencies in MilMo.

Gems is mainly used to travel to the other Areas, as material on Converters, buy Weapons, Ammo and Potions in the in-game Shops. There are two types of gems, Small and Large, the small ones have several colors and worth 1 gem, the large ones can be found in fixed places in certain areas or drop from monsters and worth 50 gems.

How do I get gems?[edit | edit source]

Gems are acquired in several ways:

  • Defeating Monsters: All Monsters when defeated will drop gems.
  • Completing Quests: Almost all Quests give gems as reward.
  • Medals: When you conquer Medals many times your rewards are gems.
  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes are a good way to get gems.
  • Breaking Containers: When breaking barrels, jars, boxes they will drop gems.

Related Medals[edit | edit source]

Collect Gems unlocks the following Medals:

Quartz Collector.png Quartz Collector Hermatite Hoarder.png Hermatite Hoarder
Ruby Radar.png Ruby Radar Peridot Pack Rat.png Peridot Pack Rat
Sapphire Saver.png Sapphire Saver Garnet Gatherer.png Garnet Gatherer
Emerald Eater.png Emerald Eater Diamond Dog.png Diamond Dog