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Experience points (usually abbreviated as XP or EXP) measures the progress of a character to reach the next level. Once the experience bar is filled the character will Level Up.

Experience points are gained by killing Monsters, completing Quests and from Medals.

The level bar.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The amount of XP points gained by defeating a monster depends not only on the monster but also on the character level. The higher the player's level, the fewer XP points are obtained.
  • If the character's level is too high or below the level of the monster XP is not obtained.
  • Unlike combat experience, experience gained from quests and medals is not affected by character level.
  • Experience gain can be maximized by killing monsters as much as possible in a region before accepting any quests. This provides more experience by killing (by getting kills on a lower level), saving experience gains from quests to be obtained at higher levels (which remain the same, regardless of level).