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Some creatures cannot be killed. Instead, they have to be captured with a Net.

The net can be used by going near a catchable creature whilst holding it, such as a Butterfly and pressing C, or clicking the left mouse button.

After capturing a creature, it goes to the Items tab in your Backpack.

Catching Butterflies!

Event Creatures[edit | edit source]

These are creatures that only appear in MilMo during Events.

Creature Event
Pink Bunny.png Pink BunnyPink BunnyA cuddly pink little bunny. As cute as it gets.Pink Bunny.png Treasure Hunt
Baby Bat.png Baby BatBaby BatWatch out for those little fangs!Baby Bat.png Halloween
Scary Bug.png Scary BugScary BugYuck! Good thing these only come out around Halloween.Scary Bug.png Halloween

Birds[edit | edit source]

  • Parvulu.png ParvuluParvuluIt doesn't seem to mind being stowed away in your bag.Parvulu.png

Butterflies[edit | edit source]

Insects[edit | edit source]

Mammals[edit | edit source]

Reptiles[edit | edit source]

  • Desert Viper.png Desert ViperDesert ViperPerfectly camouflaged until you came along.Desert Viper.png
  • Sidewinder.png SidewinderSidewinderIsn't it dangerous to keep these in your bag?Sidewinder.png

Supernatural[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Ghost Light.png Blue Ghost LightBlue Ghost LightWhat is it about soothing blue ghost lights that makes them less scary?Blue Ghost Light.png
  • Green Ghost Light.png Green Ghost LightGreen Ghost LightSpooky.Green Ghost Light.png
  • Red Ghost Light.png Red Ghost LightRed Ghost LightAn angry-looking ghost light. Do you really want it haunting your bag?Red Ghost Light.png