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Engineer's Wrench Converter.png

Converters are special items that together with certain ingredients can create new items through a process that is called conversion.

Converters can be obtained from Monsters, purchased in the Cash Shop and other shops, as a reward of Quests and also by the Secret Shipment.

If you open your Backpack and go to the Converters tab and hover the mouse on the converter icon, it will show a window that will show a list of all the necessary ingredients and the final item that it will create.

Converter Tooltip

Converter Tools[edit | edit source]

Some converters need tools which can be obtained from quests.

  • Sewing Kit.png Sewing Kit - A necessary tool for several Sewing converters.
  • Engineer's Wrench.png Engineer's Wrench - A necessary tool for various Engineering converters.
  • Hammer.png Hammer - A necessary tool for various Smithing converters.

Medals[edit | edit source]

Using converters guarantees Medals, see Medals/Converter for more information.

List of Converters[edit | edit source]

The converters are divided into 6 categories: Sewing, Smithing, Carpentry, Engineering, Mulching and Alchemy.

Open Sewing Converter.png Sewing Converters[edit | edit source]

10x Rag Converter.png 10x Rag Converter
Black Robe Converter.png Black Robe Converter
Bolt of Cloth Converter.png Bolt of Cloth Converter
Buttercrab Tee Converter.png Buttercrab Tee Converter
Prime Bolt of Cloth Converter.png Prime Bolt of Cloth Converter
Prime Spool of Thread Converter.png Prime Spool of Thread Converter
Spool of Thread Converter.png Spool of Thread Converter
Top Hat Converter.png Top Hat Converter
Treasure Hunter Hat Converter (Green).png Treasure Hunter Hat Converter (Green)
Treasure Hunter Hat Converter (Pink).png Treasure Hunter Hat Converter (Pink)
Vintage Pilot Cap Converter.png Vintage Pilot Cap Converter
Vintage Pilot Jacket Converter.png Vintage Pilot Jacket Converter
Vintage Pilot Pants Converter.png Vintage Pilot Pants Converter

Open Smithing Converter.png Smithing Converters[edit | edit source]

Bar of Gold Converter.png Bar of Gold Converter
Big Puzzle Piece Converter.png Big Puzzle Piece Converter
Diver's Helmet Converter.png Diver's Helmet Converter
Gladiator Helmet Converter.png Gladiator Helmet Converter
Gramophone Converter.png Gramophone Converter
Iron Scrap Converter.png Iron Scrap Converter
Knight Suit Converter.png Knight Suit Converter
Lotus Eggzooka Converter.png Lotus Eggzooka Converter
Prime Bar of Gold Converter.png Prime Bar of Gold Converter
Prime Iron Scrap Converter.png Prime Iron Scrap Converter
Sanctuary Key Converter.png Sanctuary Key Converter
Sandglass Converter.png Sandglass Converter
The Puzzle Club Converter.png The Puzzle Club Converter
Trap Door Converter.png Trap Door Converter
Trident Converter.png Trident Converter

Open Carpentry Converter.png Carpentry Converters[edit | edit source]

Choker Converter.png Choker Converter
Desk Lamp Converter.png Desk Lamp Converter
Easychair Converter.png Easychair Converter
Oil Lamp Converter.png Oil Lamp Converter
Simple Stool Converter.png Simple Stool Converter
Square Necklace Converter.png Square Necklace Converter
Sun Parade Mask Converter.png Sun Parade Mask Converter

Open Engineering Converter.png Engineering Converters[edit | edit source]

Bubble Dome Converter.png Bubble Dome Converter
Cyclone Lamp Converter.png Cyclone Lamp Converter
Engineer's Wrench Converter.png Engineer's Wrench Converter
Lava Lamp Converter.png Lava Lamp Converter
Retro Console Converter.png Retro Console Converter
Tactical Boots Converter.png Tactical Boots Converter
Two-faced Key Converter.png Two-faced Key Converter

Open Mulching Converter.png Mulching Converters[edit | edit source]

Bright Ghost Light Converter.png Bright Ghost Light Converter
Cactus Converter.png Cactus Converter
Curved Horns Converter.png Curved Horns Converter
Giant Carrot Converter.png Giant Carrot Converter
Mushroom Lamp Converter.png Mushroom Lamp Converter
Prime Wood Chunk Converter.png Prime Wood Chunk Converter
Pumpkin Hat Converter.png Pumpkin Hat Converter
Snowman Head Converter.png Snowman Head Converter
Wood Chunk Converter.png Wood Chunk Converter

Open Alchemy Converter.png Alchemy Converters[edit | edit source]

Alarm Clock Converter.png Alarm Clock Converter
Corrupted Gem Necklace Converter.png Corrupted Gem Necklace Converter
Sinister Axe Converter.png Sinister Axe Converter
Sinister Bands Converter.png Sinister Bands Converter
Sinister Blade Converter.png Sinister Blade Converter
Sinister Bow Converter.png Sinister Bow Converter
Sinister Crown Converter.png Sinister Crown Converter
Sinister Goggles Converter.png Sinister Goggles Converter
Sinister Gun Converter.png Sinister Gun Converter
Sinister Hammer Converter.png Sinister Hammer Converter
Sinister Ring Converter.png Sinister Ring Converter
Sinister Wand Converter.png Sinister Wand Converter
Sinister Wings Converter.png Sinister Wings Converter