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Description: Ammunition for ray guns.
Type: Ammo
Subtype: Ammo
Subtype 2: Ammo
Selling Price: Gems.png Gem

Cell is a type of Ammo used by Guns.


Cell can be obtained in the following ways:
Reward from Secret Shipment.png Secret Shipment

Purchased at the following Shops:

Shop Amount Price
Weapon Shopkeeper.png Weapon Shopkeeper 20 1800 Gems.png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gems.png
Purple.png Purple 20 2000 Gems.png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gems.png
Shopkeeper (Kraken Island).png Shopkeeper (Kraken Island) 20 2000 Gems.png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gems.png

Reward from the following Quests:

No results.

As a reward from the following Medals:

A Light in the Darkness.png A Light in the DarknessA Light in the DarknessEarn all Winterfest medals.A Light in the Darkness.png
Best-Seller.png Best-SellerBest-SellerDefeat 500 monster books during the Fallen Heroes event.Best-Seller.png
Jack O'Lantern.png Jack O'LanternJack O'LanternSmash 500 halloween pumpkins.Jack O'Lantern.png
Just Plain Scary.png Just Plain ScaryJust Plain ScaryCatch 150 scary bugs.Just Plain Scary.png
Land Defender.png Land DefenderLand DefenderDefeat 400 wicked crabs.Land Defender.png
Living Legend.png Living LegendLiving LegendComplete all medals and quests related to the Fallen Heroes event.Living Legend.png
The Librarian.png The LibrarianThe LibrarianCollect 300 heroic scrolls during the Fallen Heroes event.The Librarian.png
The Vampiric.png The VampiricThe VampiricCatch 400 baby bats.The Vampiric.png

Obtained in the following Lockboxes:

Digging with Shovel in the following Areas:

 • Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest: on the island with Bees (8.6957% Chance)

Dropped by the following Monsters:

 • Miniature Imagination Devourer.png Imagination Devourer: (20% Chance)
 • Miniature Invader.png Invader: (20% Chance)

Breaking the following Containers:

Watermelon: 0.1% Chance
Green Present: 0.1% Chance
Rotten Barrel: 0.1% Chance
Red Present: 0.1% Chance
Cracked Pot: 0.1% Chance
Box of Fuses: 0.1% Chance
Ceramic Jar: 0.1% Chance
Vase: 0.1% Chance
Jack O'Lantern: 0.1% Chance
Ceramic Jar: 0.1% Chance
Alien Spore: 0.1% Chance
Giant Jack O'Lantern: 0.1% Chance
Vase: 0.1% Chance
Ceramic Jar: 0.1% Chance
Cardboard Box: 0.1% Chance
Vase: 0.1% Chance
Circus Barrel: 0.1% Chance
Barrel: 0.1% Chance


Cell has the following uses: