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Adventurer's Axe.png

Axes are a type of melee Weapon. They typically have a short range and a low speed, but they are high in attack power.

List of Axes[edit | edit source]

Adventurer's Axe.png Adventurer's AxeAdventurer's AxeA hefty axe made for hard use. Weapon Type: AxeAdventurer's Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange202,50,5
Candy Cane (Weapon).png Candy Cane (Weapon)Candy Cane (Weapon)Special flavour for enemies.Candy Cane (Weapon).pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,541,5
Cursed Scythe.png Cursed ScytheCursed ScytheAfter reaping countless souls, the scythe has become cursed itself. Weapon Type: AxeCursed Scythe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4,542,52
Epic Axe.png Epic AxeEpic AxeThis is it, the axe other axes have nightmares about. It deals magical damage, which is better against supernatural enemies. Weapon Type: AxeEpic Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange54,52,52
Flying V Axe.png Flying V AxeFlying V AxeMusic and combat, all in one. Weapon Type: AxeFlying V Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4,542,52
Frost Axe.png Frost AxeFrost AxeThe coolest weapon to chop with.Frost Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,541,5
Heroic Axe.png Heroic AxeHeroic AxeA hard-hitting axe meant for heroic deeds. Weapon Type: AxeHeroic Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2021
Legendary Axe.png Legendary AxeLegendary AxeA fabled weapon, lost for generations. Weapon Type: AxeLegendary Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4,5531,5
Runed Axe.png Runed AxeRuned AxeA viciously sharp axe marked with mysterious runes. Magic damage. Weapon Type: AxeRuned Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange44,53,50,5
Rusty Axe.png Rusty AxeRusty AxeIt may be old, but it should get the job done. Weapon Type: AxeRusty Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange2,5011
Scythe.png ScytheScythePerfect for reaping souls. Weapon Type: AxeScythe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange1,503,51,5
Sharp Axe.png Sharp AxeSharp AxeIt's very sharp. Weapon Type: AxeSharp Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange3021,5
Sinister Axe.png Sinister AxeSinister AxeAn esoteric weapon that radiates a dark power. Weapon Type: AxeSinister Axe.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4,5531,5
Ski Stick.png Ski StickSki StickLet's go skiing!Ski Stick.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange32,541,5
Tribal Spear.png Tribal SpearTribal SpearBecause feathers are scary. Weapon Type: AxeTribal Spear.pngAttackMagicSpeedRange4,542,52

Medals[edit | edit source]

Defeating Monsters with Axes allows the player to gain the following Medals: